Architect a Clear Governance

Architect a governance model for communication that interconnects all parts of the the business. With workflows, roles, guidelines and tools that cut across the silos internally. A governance model that support and engage all managers and employees to play their part in communicating with colleagues, customers and their communities. So what does it take to create a structured reputation management? First of all it will take a serious intentional decision, at the top management or board level, to sponsor and re-allocate resources in order to create organizational agility and a culture of reputation awareness.

The vision for the transformation is to “create an organization that will have the right PEOPLE working in efficient PROCESSES while using relevant TECHNOLOGY to secure the corporate brands objectives”.

Three steps to a clear governance of the corporate brand.  

1. Reputation Awareness Assessment. This phase involves assessing how well the organization is prepared to manage reputation issues for a pro-active and re-active perspective. Based on our best practice framework as a starting point.

The outcome is a dashboard with 8 elements assessed and graded by importance.

2. Business Prioritization. Based on the assessment – a road map for change is created. KPIs are established to measure both Effectiveness and Efficiency.

3. Implementation and Change Management. Change management involves communicating the “why” and training people depending on their role within the organization. If possible, the change management should be integrated in currently existing procedures for change management – including management cascading, e-learning and certification programs.


The Dashboard - Architect a Clear Governance

What is the expected result? The result should be an organization that has planned for the unplanned. Where the communication process is an integral part of the business with the focus on supporting organizations to deliver their strategic objectives. And that everyone who works in the company has the knowledge and tools to play their part in communicating both internally as well as externally.


Would you like to know more?

We’d love to meet you to discuss how your organization could discover reputation risks and opportunities – and get started in creating a clear identity in the social media age.

As a starting point – we typically perform a quick assessment of your current reputation profile, and prepare a plan of prioritized actions based on our first hand experiences on how to gear up your organization for the changes ahead.



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